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ECPSC - Easy Peasy - an easy way to identify sales opportunities

A powerful tool for analysing business performance. Full details of ECPSC

  • E = Entity, PLC, LTd or LLP covers everything related to thebusiness legal entity. The owners, directors and managers, company values, assets, liabilities, income, outgoings. The current business strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats and also the MD's vision for the future.
  • C = Customers. Existing customers, past customers and target customers. Customers are a crucial part in defining any business. Your business may be constrained by products associated with only one demographic or geographic group.
  • P = Product, Price, Place, Promotion. The marketing mix, which describe what you sell, how much you sell for, where you sell and how you promote it to your customers.
  • S = Suppliers. All of the people or supply chain involved in the creation and distribution of your products and services. Your own staff are suppliers to your business. Strengthening your relationship with suppliers can help improve the products and services you offer and the sales margins you can command.
  • C= Competition. the final C in ECPSC is competition. No successful business can succeed without fully understanding competition. The customer will always have a choice even if that choice is to go without your product or service.

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Sales Performance

As an experienced sales director you want the best support. Working with you and your sales team, we will identify and correct the things that are blocking sales. In just 3 months, we'll make a big difference. Guaranteed.Sales Performance

people Performance

People Performance

High performing teams deliver more. More sales and more value for your business. However good your team, we can help them to become even better. More focused, more motivated and even more keen to achieve. People Performance

 business change management

Change Management

Markets change. Competitors keep changing. Our change planning tools make it easy for your management team to adapt and thrive. We make it easy to close the gap between your business vision and the business reality. More Change Management

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